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Fully automated picking can be achieved through the deployment of robots. Operating within confined spaces and offering a high storage density of product, robotic picking offers a secure and highly flexible alternative.

As an independent warehouse solution provider, not constrained by manufacturer, Logistex have the ability to select the most suitable robotics solution to integrate seamlessly into your operation.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

With the availability of labour decreasing, and the cost of labour increasing, AMRs are a scalable solution which can offer a number of benefits:

Faster fulfilment with increased speed

Maximum productivity

Increased pick rates

Flexible control

ROI can be between 12 - 24 months

Fast charging times (10 minutes charge gives 2 hours of operation time. Opportunistic charging means no downturn in productivity)

Can support picking, cross-dock or other transportation tasks

System can easily be scaled up to meet future growth

AMR’s offer the benefit of being able to manage a variety of processes including raw material or palletised goods movements, Goods to person( G2P) picking solutions, Intralogistics, and low & high level tote storage and retrieval solutions. With the correct combination of equipment all goods picking solutions can be achieved.

In applications where the need for fixed infrastructure is required AMRs have the ability to interface with such equipment. Robotic solutions have the ability to work within the most unusual types of environments, meaning fixed obstructions can be navigated, giving a completely flexible solution.

Ultimately an AMR solution is the smart way forward to future proof your business.

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