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Logistex has designed and integrated an automated solution for Pharmacy2U, controlled using Logistex warehouse management system LWS Reflex. Logistex worked closely with Pharmacy2U to design a revolutionary automated pharmaceutical dispensing and warehouse system, based on its needs for growth and expansion.

Jerry Woodhouse, Managing Director for Logistex commented, “The automated pharmaceutical dispensing system for Pharmacy2U represents a technological advance not previously deployed in the UK. Pharmacy2U have been visionary in their strategy to embrace the latest automation systems and technology capable of delivering the highest levels of security, service and operational efficiency.”


  • Capability to despatch one million items per month 

  • Housed within a secure medicine cabinet, the automated dispensing robots can pick an item every 8 seconds 

  • 650m² storage and picking area 

  • 550m of conveyor 

  • Automated packaging system reduces size of each package to the exact size of the product inside to minimise waste and postage costs

  • 3-way barcode verification process



Established in 1999, Leeds-based Pharmacy2U is the UK’s largest NHS approved pharmacy. Having pioneered internet pharmacy in the UK and built a strong business operation over its 17 year history, Pharmacy2U wanted to implement new technology to drive ambitious plans for growth and open up its services to thousands more patients across the country.

Daniel Lee, founder and Managing Director of Pharmacy2U says: “Our investment in this innovative new facility supports the NHS’ aim of increasing access for patients to new types of pharmacy service. GP practices across the country are currently introducing electronic prescriptions – and this, coupled with our new dispensing hub is making our well established NHS repeat prescription service available to more patients. The new facility is enabling us to scale up our business to the next level – with plans to significantly grow our customer base and market share.”


Logistex worked with Pharmacy2U to develop a revolutionary automated pharmaceutical dispensing and warehouse system. The project integrates a range of technologies, including automated twin headed dispensing robots, pick to light, conveyor and an automated packaging solution.

Logistex Warehouse Management System LWS Reflex provides full operational management and movement control. Included with the functionality, LWS Reflex manages both prescribed and non-prescribed (over the counter) medicines, and provides sophisticated labelling and checking and parts picking functionality.

One of the most interesting parts of this solution, other than the software, is the integration of automated twin headed robot dispensing machines. The solution includes two Rowa Vmax Duplo robots, providing fully automated storage and retrieval/ put away and dispensing of pharmaceutical product.


  • Higher pick rates 

  • Capacity 10 times that of previous system 

  • Capability to despatch one million items per month 

  • Accuracy rates have improved by 25% to 99.96% 

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