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Logistex provide a 24/7 spares facility. We have a wide manufacturer portfolio for solutions and spares, which enables us to offer our spares service to not only our own sites, but also sites implemented by other suppliers.

  • Cleco

  • Logistex and FKI Logistex

  • FKI Gainsborough manufactured conveyors

  • Conveyor Units

  • Automha Autosatmovers and Supercaps

  • VNA trucks

  • Dambach cranes

  • Order picker trucks

  • Tote handling systems

  • ASRM cranes

  • Miniloads

  • Pallet conveyors

  • Alvey / FKI palletisers

  • Carton and tote conveyors

  • Sortation systems

  • Crisplant sorters

  • PLC controls and electrics

  • Barcode reader systems

  • Pallet shuttles

  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

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