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Automated Pallet Storage & Retrieval

An automated pallet warehouse is the ideal solution for:

Optimising use of space

Increasing throughput

Meeting high demand

Reducing manual movement of stock and thus improving health and safety


Logistex is the official distributor for Automha in the UK, focusing on the distribution of Autosatmover and Supercap solutions. Logistex’s independence allows us to select the most appropriate equipment to meet the customer’s needs. The leading edge technology available from Automha, integrated with our in-house warehouse management system, LWS Reflex, provides a powerful combination for any supply chain seeking to improve its operation.

Autosatmover is the next generation modular system, fully automatic for the automation of multi-depth storage of pallets. It is composed of:

Automha pallet shuttles.jpg

Mover: the mother shuttle, which moves on rails that are perpendicular to the storage channels, powered by busway at each loading system

Supercap: the satellite on board, commanded by the mother shuttle via WiFi and allocated to the operations in different storage channels, for the automatic collection and storage of pallets.

The Supercap is powered by capacitor rather than battery, so there is no need for prolonged charging periods. Also, because the shuttles are lighter than an automated storage and retrieval system, they use less power per move.

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