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Logistex provide automated materials handling and software (WES) solutions for warehousing operations. We are specialists in storage and retrieval, order forwarding, robotics, picking and sortation systems. As an independent company with no manufacturing ties, we integrate products from across the industry without compromise. Our services cover warehouse/materials handling design & implementation, warehouse management software and control systems, equipment refurbishment and maintenance, facilities management and 24/7 hotline support and spares.



Logistex is is a private company that is owned by its employees under an Employee Ownership Trust.

Logistex can trace its roots back to 1937 when it started as Cleco, a name synonymous with advanced and sophisticated automated systems throughout the latter part of the 20th century. The name Cleco will be familiar to many, for years it was one of the strongest and most respected companies in the industry, designing and manufacturing materials handling products, including VNA automated stacker cranes, with which the company was most associated. Even then, the company supplied integrated solutions based on bought in products from other materials handling manufacturers as well as in-house equipment, so the business model we use today is one that has always been a part of the company’s culture.

As the world of IT and software systems became more advanced, Cleco merged with software house Io Systems, with whom the company had a long-term partnership, in the 1990s to provide the additional expertise needed to support its own increasingly sophisticated systems. This commitment to specialist in-house IT expertise remains part of the company’s DNA to this day.

In the year 2000 the company was purchased and became a company owned by FKI PLC. The company was one of several companies that formed part of the FKI group named as FKI Logistex. In 2008 FKI PLC was purchased by Melrose PLC.

Following a management buyout from former owners Melrose PLC, Logistex became a fully independent business, managed by the team which turned the business round into a financially robust, profitable and successful organisation.  In 2018, the company was transferred to its employees under an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

The company head office is located in Kettering, Northamptonshire, and employs over 250 people throughout the country.





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