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Our Partners

Berkshire Grey
Robotic Solutions

This partnership combines proven AI-enabled robotic automation from Berkshire Grey with experienced system design and integration services from Logistex to deliver world-class warehouse robotics to Europe’s premier pure-play eCommerce companies, retailers, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

Berkshire Grey’s robotic solution portfolio is incredibly robust. The company offers a wide range of robotic automation solutions that can increase fulfillment throughput by up to 3X and improve labour efficiency by up to 70%. By addressing some of the most labour-intensive warehouse processes and handling the broadest range of SKUs, their systems can solve operational challenges across our customer base

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Berkshire Grey Robotic Product Sortation System picking items for Break Pack Store Repleni

Robotics Solutions

As a global leader in robotics technology, GreyOrange in partnership with Logistex can provide UK customers with leading edge robotics solutions. This is a strategically important development that meets the needs of UK warehouse operators facing the combined challenges of a rapidly moving ecommerce marketplace, rising costs and a reducing pool of available labour.

The partnership will leverage Logistex’s LWS Reflex software, which seamlessly integrates point automation into an integrated solution, providing management teams with clear, real-time visibility of the overall operation and comprehensive management information through its complementary Business Intelligence system, Analytex, in combination with GreyOrange’s industry-leading AI-enabled software and robotics to expand both companies’ customer bases.

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Pallet Shuttle Solutions

Automha Group is an Italian provider of advanced integrated supply chain automation technology, software and services. Logistex is the official distributor for Automha in the UK and will be focusing on the distribution of Autosatmover and Supercap solutions. Logistex’s independence allows us to select the most appropriate equipment to meet the customer’s needs. The leading edge technology available from Automha, integrated with our in-house warehouse management system, LWS Reflex, provides a powerful combination for any supply chain seeking to improve its operation.

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Tote Shuttle Solutions

The agreement  between Savoye and Logistex, enables Logistex to promote, sell, install and maintain a range of products including the Intelis® PTS goods to person shuttles, Intelis® conveyor and Intelis® packing machines. Logistex’s unique ability to select the most appropriate equipment available in the marketplace to meet customer needs will be further enhanced by integrating Savoye’s best of breed technology into their integrated warehouse solutions focused on improving productivity and pick accuracy.


Ergonomic Container Unloading

The partnership between Logistex and Cartonmover is a longstanding relationship. Cartonmover is a leading supplier of fast and ergonomic container unloaders with 5 types of unloading machines.

The range starts with the free roaming ERGO that can unload up to 1800 cartons per hour.

There are many sites worldwide that are utilising this solution.

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