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Your WMS Questions Answered

Here, we answer the most frequently asked questions we get about our LWS Reflex Warehouse Management Software:

Q: Is the system compatible with the latest version of Windows?

A: Yes the user interface runs on any standard windows PC.

Q: Do I need to buy new servers?

A: Not necessarily, providing your existing server/s meet the specification requirements of Reflex, it can be installed on a virtual machine on your server.

Q: Can I easily import the data I have from my current system?

A: Yes, with the Reflex interface highway, we can easily map data from your existing system and import.

Q: Is Reflex used only in Automated Environments?

A: No – Reflex is deployed in both manual and automated settings. Contacting our sales team will help to establish if Reflex is the best fit for your operation.

Q: How long is the warranty period?

A: 12 months, with optional extended support cover

Q: Can I use my current RF and Barcode equipment?

A: Almost certainly yes, Reflex uses industry standard interfaces

Q: I don’t want the risk of a Big Bang change, can I move to Reflex gradually?

A: Yes, Reflex can be deployed in layers or as a subsystem.

Q: My warehouse stock is not barcoded, does this mean I cannot use Reflex

A: No, Reflex has been implemented for customers that do not have product barcodes, but you may want to consider implementing product barcoding to further increase stock accuracy and integrity.

Find out more about LWS Reflex WMS here.

If you’d like some more information, or to request a free, no obligation demo of the software please email and quote LWSDEMO21 in the subject line.


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