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Top 5 Tasks to Prepare for Peak:

Managing a warehouse is difficult at the best of times. It's no secret that during peak seasons orders can skyrocket and so it is important to be prepared for a higher level of activity. Every business needs an efficient warehousing and logistics solution in order to keep up with the demand. Follow the Logistex 5 Top Tips on getting your warehouse prepared:

1) Understand the expected volumes

  • Use historical growth to help forecast future Peak demand.

  • Review trends YTD of any new SKU and how this could change at peak.

2) Plan a Stress Test of the current operation

  • Hold back orders which when released replicate the facility during peak.

  • Ensure pick locations are fully replenished.

  • Plan to have Residential Engineering Support on Site during the test so the MHE can be monitored throughout.

3) Complete preventative maintenance on all MHE

  • Ensure all required spares are on site and readily available.

  • Advise your Hotline team that the stress test is planned so pro-active health checks can be completed.

  • All resources for order fulfilment such as packaging, paper in printers or label reels are ready.

4) Record Performances

  • Use dashboard reporting such as Analytex to review performances.

  • Obtain feedback from your Hotline team with recommendations such as Pick face optimisation or location stock levels.

  • Identify any pinch points of the solution with the onsite engineers.

5) Review results with your Systems Integrator

  • Logistex offer Situational Analysis reviews of customer operations to ensure automation is fully optimised.

  • Use design simulation and emulation to fully capture the impact as to any modification to the existing operation.


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