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Clicklink Renews Service Support Contract

Clicklink, the agile and cost-effective sortation and delivery service from the Clipper Logistics and John Lewis Partnership, has renewed its Field Service Support and Hotline contract with Logistex for a further 3 years. The contract provides maintenance and support of the sortation system previously designed and installed by Logistex.

Installed at both ground and mezzanine levels, the sorter is a total of 320 metres in length and travels at 1.7 metres per second. There are 5 manual induct positions for parcels and 2 automatic inducts handling tote bins conveyed from a small item consolidation area. The sorter transports parcels and totes to discharge at 28 destination chutes which descend from mezzanine to ground level.

It is important that material handling systems are maintained properly so that their safety, life and reliability are at an optimum with minimum disruption along the way. Logistex’s Field Support Service provides flexible planned and reactive maintenance, 24 hours a day, on a visiting basis.

Clipper’s Head of Solutions says; “The support and, perhaps more importantly, the communication has been excellent. The integrity and honesty of the team at Logistex has impressed me a great deal.”


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