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Logistex provided an automated pallet highbay and conveyor system almost 30 years ago and have, in partnership with Pladis, continued to develop and enhance the Ashby-de-la-Zouch distribution site for the past 28 years as well as providing on site engineering support, PLC and WMS hotline support. The years of support come after the supply and installation of 22 automated highbay cranes , pallet conveyor and a full WMS providing a system that now does over 400 pallets per hour


  • Logistex Warehouse Management System

  • Two automated highbays provide storage of 58,000 pallets

  • 22 automated cranes

  • Storage of perimeter based pallets without top-hats

  • Multi level pallet conveyor network

  • Pallet rectification and squaring automatically

  • 24/7 Hotline support

  • Onsite Logistex maintenance team


Pladis have a high volume site requiring dynamic solutions to support ever increasing throughputs and to operate in one of the most demanding supply chain sectors. Supplying perishable foodstuffs to all the UK leading retailers 24 x 7 x 365, there is a high stock turn rate and requirements for FIFO rotation as well as date-selective rotation. Assembling from an on site stock holding of 58,000 pallets, MDC despatches over 6,500 pallets daily. Over the years Logistex have provided upgrades and enhancements to the original cranes conveyors and WMS. Most recently Pladis recognised increasing demand, continued volatility and increased standards of customer service, leading to a requirement of increasing capacity and performance at the site. There response was a project to increase the speed, availability, reliability and safety of the highbay cranes. Pladis will continue to develop and enhance the site and have a long term commitment to planned projects and enhancements. Logistex have an on site engineering team supporting the operation 24/7.


The relationship began in 1970 when Logistex was known as a truck supplier Cleco, and Pladis was United Biscuits; then in 1991 we integrated a new facility at Ashby de la Zouch consisting of a highbay and network of conveyors. At the time the facility also had a second VNA warehouse on the site, Logistex converted over three phases to a second automated highbay providing the site with tremendous storage and throughput capabilities. The conveyor network is key to the capabilities of the site and links the various goods in and despatch facilities of the site as well as combining activities of the two highbays into one storage medium. In response to the challenges that Pladis faced in terms of customer deliveries and logistics requirements, Logistex have developed an enhanced WMS to a product that specifically addresses these challenges. This has meant both UB and Logistex teams working closely together as they enhance and develop the site whilst maintaining a high level of customer service and their lead position in the sector.


  • Long time partnership between both companies

  • High availability

  • Increased capacity through continual development

  • Increased life expansion of the site

  • Logistex WMS reflects customers specific challenges

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