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Logistex has designed and integrated an automated solution for the Superdrug NDC, controlled using Logistex warehouse management system LWS Reflex. Logistex worked closely with Superdrug to design an e-commerce solution that is based entirely on its needs for growth and expansion.


The new solution was installed in response to the increase in online customer demand and has seen the operation move away from slower paper based picking to a modern solution delivering higher pick rates, a better work environment and a more motivated team


  • Automated carton forming

  • 18,000 SKUs

  • Function for both single and batch picking

  • QA stations for random checking

  • Document insertion

  • Carton height reduction and lidding

  • Final integrity check (staff are alerted to any discrepancy before the order is sent)

  • Sortation system

  • On-site residential support


With e-commerce sales more than doubling year on year, Logistex were asked to design a solution capable of handling in excess of 60,000 orders per day. Following Go-Live, Superdrug have already seen a 48% increase in throughput (year to date) which has been fulfilled using 60% less operational cost.


The E-Commerce General Manager for Supply Chain at Superdrug, explains how their previous paper based operation was not equipped to respond to the change in market; “When we were looking at our old operation it was clear that our processes were outdated and slow, and our warehouse management system couldn’t support our growth strategies.”


The solution, designed to facilitate growth within e-commerce, includes conveyor order forwarding, sortation and packaging machinery and is controlled using Logistex warehouse management system LWS Reflex.


LWS Reflex manages all aspects of the operation including SKU management, replenishment and picking. Logistex also deployed its business intelligence suite Analytex.


Analytex provides real time warehouse data in graphical, easy to read detail. Managers can create, configure, customise and save their own reports, giving unrivalled access to trends and historical data. Analytex delivers key information needed for continuous improvement in service and productivity. Logistex’s experts worked closely with Superdrug to ensure the solution provides flexibility and growth for the future.


  • Higher pick rates 

  • Better work environment and more motivated team

  • Delivered to schedule

  • Delivered to budget

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