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Logistex have installed a warehouse materials handling solution, including LWS Reflex WMS, for QUIZ Clothing’s warehouse operation based at Belshill in Scotland.

The QUIZ Clothing DC was designed to receive and distribute fashion garments and accessories to QUIZ’s 260+ high street stores, Debenhams concessions, and overseas franchise partners, as well as their own eCommerce operation and fulfilling orders for web partners. In excess of 5,000 web orders can be despatched per day.


  • Hanging garment system

  • Belt/line feed conveyor and gravity systems

  • Pallet racking

  • Shelving and live storage systems

  • Controlled by LWS Reflex WMS

  • Analytex Business Intelligence Dashboard provides full operational warehouse data and reporting capabilities


QUIZ is a rapidly growing fashion retail group based in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded in 1993, they began trading with 3 stores in Scotland. Since then QUIZ has grown to over 250 stores and concessions across the UK, as well as over 50 franchises across Europe and Asia.

QUIZ plans to continue to expand whilst constantly striving to meet customer requirements. In order to support their growing market presence and 5 year growth plan, QUIZ recognised the need to enhance areas of their operation to increase throughput and operational capability.

Sheraz Ramzan, Business Development Director at QUIZ says; “We chose Logistex because they bring experience in delivering a complete solution for Warehouse Management Systems and Material Handling Solutions. Our rapid growth plans require a robust and flexible system that can improve efficiency whilst also allowing us to scale, Logistex were a clear choice.”


The layout was designed around QUIZ’s fast fashion model of despatching the majority of stock to stores on the same day it is received, the residual being stored for web orders. Stock is received into a hanging buffer, where it is allocated to stores and packed into despatch cartons at one of 288 picking lanes. Stock for the web and store replenishment orders is stored in 109 hanging garment aisles or 17 accessory shelving aisles for picking, or pallet bulk storage.

LWS Reflex provides comprehensive and flexible functionality to meet their current and future operational needs through use of RF and barcode technology. Using our sophisticated Host Interface, LWS Reflex keeps the QUIZ ERP system informed of any changes to their stock inventory in real time, ensuring customers are never disappointed by out of stock orders.

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