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What should order fulfilment operations expect in the post COVID-19 era?

The COVID crisis is prompting companies to invest in automation and robotics to better manage operations, despite facing revenue declines resulting from the pandemic.

There are tens of thousands of new on-line customers who are likely to persist with the habit, long after lockdown has become a distant memory; new customers whom suppliers will be eager to hold on to. In addition, the need to comply with new social distancing directives, even after the crisis itself subsides, will prompt more industries to accelerate their use of automation.

The pandemic aside, there was always a broader labour force question when it came to manual picking in warehouses. Increasing labour shortages and costs suggest that warehouse operators will need to identify a way to work more efficiently and limit exposure to increasing labour costs.

If logistics operations are to learn how to adapt to and maximise a new post COVID-19 economy, then order fulfilment strategies, based on automation and robotics, will be vital.

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