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Warehouse Design - Simulation & Emulation

With the increase in online demand, more and more companies are now reviewing their warehouse operations and turning to automated solutions to help manage that demand.

TH Logistics Consultant has recently delivered a series of informative blogs looking at how a warehouse design can be tested and validated by means of modelling and simulation.

The final instalment focuses on Demo3D and looks at the role that layout and modelling, then simulation and ultimately emulation could take as part of the evaluation and design, review and testing process for an automated application. Logistex were delighted to support this piece with the advanced technical knowledge and experience of one of our in-house Solutions Design Engineers.

If you're considering any form of automation this blog is a must-read. You can read the full article on the TH Logistics Consultant website here.

Take a look at our video case study for one of our recent projects to see how we used the software to prove performance before installing the live system.


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