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Logistex has installed its innovative warehouse management system, LWS Reflex, at Ansell Lighting’s warehouse operations at Warrington and Belfast.

LWS Reflex controls the receiving and putaway, replenishment, picking, packing and despatch operations. Since Go Live the operation has achieved significant efficiency gains.


  • Multiple bulk and pick zones split across old and new building

  • Reflex receives and puts away to bulk locations and pick faces

  • Replenishment to pick faces from all bulk zones

  • Order picking to different MHE based on order volume totes on trolley, full trolley pick, pallet pick. double pallet pick

  • Packing benches and integration with courier


With more than 20 years in the lighting industry, Ansell Lighting is a recognised market leader in the design and manufacture of high quality luminaries for the commercial, domestic, industrial and architectural markets.

The previous system relied on paper picking which led to a daily order backlog and time consuming spreadsheet reporting. Ansell needed to fulfil an average of 450 orders per day and therefore recognised the need to implement a warehouse management system. The operation is now fulfilling an average of 750 orders per day.

“What we were originally trying to achieve with a warehouse management system was improved stock control. What we didn’t expect is how we can use the system to drive our operations in a more efficient manner, and that’s really where we are seeing the benefits now” (Jason Dwan, Operations Director, Ansell Lighting).


Logistex has deployed their LWS Reflex Warehouse Management System, which provides Ansell Lighting with comprehensive and flexible functionality to meet their current and future operational needs through use of RF and barcode technology, whilst also future proofing the operation with the ability to control and manage automated materials handling equipment when the need arises. The WMS was first installed into the Warrington site, and then replicated and deployed into the Belfast site with zero disruption.

Using our sophisticated Host Interface, LWS Reflex keeps the Ansell Lighting system informed of any changes to the stock inventory as and when required.

At the packing benches, all orders are blind checked for accuracy prior to being packed. Reflex integrates with the courier so that, during the packing process, the delivery information is sent from Reflex to the courier, triggering an automatic print of the shipping label, removing the need for the operator to enter the details in the courier portal, and reducing the risk of the wrong label being applied to the wrong delivery.

With LWS Analytex business intelligence tool, Ansell Lighting are able to create user generated, tailorable reports and graphs to analyse how their operation is performing. Jason Dwan says: “Wherever I am I can connect to my warehouses and see both facilities and how they’re running operationally without having to be on site, and it gives me a great benefit to see that operation.”


  • Drives Ansell operation in a more efficient manner

  • In first 9 months achieved significant efficiency gains

  • Introduced system into Belfast site with zero disruption

  • Can be easily replicated throughout UK & Europe

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