Modernisations, Refurbishments and Upgrades.

Modernisations, Refurbishments and Upgrades

support_team_medWith budgets under severe pressure the full capital cost of replacing older material handling systems may be harder than ever to justify. However more and more companies are finding that a refurbishment and upgrade is a viable alternative, providing many of the advantages of a new installation but at a fraction of the cost.

Many of the automated handling systems installed during the past 10-15 years are inevitably starting to show signs of age. In more favourable economic times companies would have invested in completely new equipment, but in the current environment the funds may not be available.

Measurable benefits to justify your investmentEngineering-support-services-banner

Faced with a system that needs upgrading, many companies are looking for the most powerful arguments and benefits to help justify the investment and to make the ROI case fly. Combining refurbishment with an upgrade programme that provides additional functionality and/or performance gains may well provide a winning combination.

No matter how well designed and maintained, older systems and equipment will inevitably start to wear out and become out of date. The huge advances in IT and software for example in the past few years have way outstripped what would have been state of the art barely a decade ago. Increasing downtime can threaten the operation and its ability to deliver, and patchwork solutions only serve to delay the inevitable. Even getting parts and service support can be difficult as component manufacturers phase out older designs.

Refurbishment and upgrading may improve performance and add years of productive life to automated materials handling systems – at usually far less cost than a new installation. It also enables the user to take advantage of the big improvements in engineering, software and technologies over the past few years. The latest software including advanced WMS provides enhanced performance, full integration with ERP or other and client software packages.

Minimal disruption

Work can generally be carried out while the business continues to operate, which is rarely possible when replacing an entire system. With an increasing focus on health and safety, a refurbishment programme may well reduce the risk of accidents from older equipment and the upgrade could incorporate additional safety features to protect staff.

A refurbishment programme may not only bring the system back to its original level of performance and reliability, but may actually improve productivity by using faster, more efficient components and the latest software systems. Most companies’ business will have changed significantly since the original system was designed and the upgrade programme will provide an excellent opportunity to adapt the process to meet current and forecast developments.

Extensive experience

Logistex have extensive refurbishment experience and can undertake part or full refurbishments to a wide range of systems and equipment whether it is Logistex equipment or not. We will project manage and plan the works around your operation to minimise disruption to your business.

Equipment refurbishments cover a wide range of MHE including:

  • Manual cranes
  • Automated cranes
  • Mini load crane systems
  • Sortation systems
  • Conveying systems
  • Picking systems
  • Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)
  • Fork Lift Trucks


As part of our service, we can supply spare parts for supported materials handling equipment. Our Spares Department can be contacted on:

Telephone: 01536 480728

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