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Logistex has designed and installed a sortation solution for Clipper’s latest facility located at the M1 Junction 15 near Northampton. In common with Clipper’s trusted approach the site is shared use but has John Lewis as the anchor customer. The sorter was designed, manufactured, installed, commissioned and operational within 6 months of contract signature.


  •  459 cross belt carriers 

  • Length of sorter: 320m 

  •  Speed: 1.7metres per second 

  • 6 manual induct positions

  •  1 automatic induct position 

  •  28 destination chutes descending from mezzanine to ground level 


At a time when the shopping habits of British consumers are rapidly changing, with an increasing number of customers opting to collect their online orders from store or other collection points, there is an increasing need for retailers to develop innovative solutions that keep both business growth and customer service in mind.


The sortation solution, which complements the existing Click and Collect capability within the Clipper business, offers the opportunity for other retailers to benefit from the enhanced Click and Collect solution pioneered by Clipper in partnership with John Lewis.

Installed at both ground and mezzanine levels, the sorter is a total of 320 metres in length and travels at 1.7 metres per second. There are 6 manual induct positions for parcels and 1 automatic induct handling tote bins conveyed from a small item consolidation area.

The sorter transports parcels and totes to discharge at 28 destination chutes which descend from mezzanine to ground level.

The solution is currently operating at 4400 sorts per hour, during peak operational periods, with the existing 7 induct positions. The design is expandable to 8800 sorts per hour, achievable when further positions are added.

A great partnership has been formed between Logistex and Clipper. Mark Kerry, Head of Solutions at Clipper, said; “I am sure we will work together on future projects based on the experience we have had on this project. The support and, perhaps more importantly, the communication has been excellent. The integrity and honesty of the team at Logistex has impressed me a great deal.”


  • Enabled lead client John Lewis to consolidate & simplify their supply chain by reducing sortation centres & carriers from 3 to 1

  •  Clicklink’s centralised sortation hub enables clients to extend their next day delivery customer order window later into the evening improving service offers

  •  The sorter & associated scan to cage routines delivers industry leading levels of sort to store accuracy

  •  The sorter is modular & can be scaled up to accommodate Clicklink’s multi client growth plan

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