About Logistex.

About Us

The company can trace its roots back to the 1930s when it started as Cleco, a name synonymous with advanced and sophisticated automated systems throughout the latter part of the 20th century.

As the world of IT and software systems became more advanced, the company acquired and developed specialist expertise during the 1980s and has become one of the foremost specialists in every aspect of internal IT systems in the market.

We operate from modern headquarters in Kettering, Northamptonshire, with regionally based service teams in easy reach of most major centres throughout the country. Our international division operates throughout mainland Europe.

To help logistics executives considering investing in new equipment, to understand the options and how they can help their own businesses, our Warehouse Systems Demonstration suite in Kettering provides the ultimate hands on experience.

Fully equipped with twin HD monitors and working examples of all the latest IT technology, software and equipment, visitors can input and process real life product data to view actual performance and results. Equipment such as shelving, racking and tote bins, hand-held bar code readers, printers, receiving and despatch equipment help to create a realistic warehouse environment for bulk handling, put-away, picking, packing and despatch – replicating a full door to door process.

For companies looking to invest in systems and equipment for the long term, the way in which a potential supplier behaves and the values that underpin that behaviour are just as important.


The values that separate Logistex from the rest

Make it a sure thing

Make it a sure thing

Whenever or whatever we promise to deliver, we make it a sure thing. To each other and to our customers. No exceptions, ever. It’s what makes us the best.


Integrity & trust

No fudging or smudging or bending of the facts. Just simple clarity based on knowledge and experience.


Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

We actively identify and implement business improvements for the benefit of our customers, employees and suppliers. We make full use of our learning to improve our future.



Colleagues and customers working together. It’s about supporting one another and enjoying what we do. When we work as a team, we back each other up so we deliver the best and most consistent service.


Leadership by example

All our people are encouraged to lead by example and develop an ownership attitude. Leaders at all levels within the organisation recognise the need to address challenges, involve others in improvement activities and ensure safe and efficient operations.



At Logistex everyone has the right and the responsibility to ensure they (and their co workers) return safely to their families at the end of each working day. Anyone can raise an issue in an open way. We positively encourage and reinforce behaviours that contribute to excellence in safety performance.

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