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Engineering Support Services (ESS)


Logistex Engineering Support Services are a range of support services that deliver industry leading support for Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and associated engineering facilities.

With materials handling systems expected to perform for a decade or more, it’s vital for the user that their chosen supplier is able to provide service and maintenance support throughout the life of the system. Our 24/7 services include routine maintenance agreements, breakdown service and parts and component replacements provided through the more than 150 staff in our UK-wide field-based and on-site service teams. In addition clients can call on the 24/7 technical hotline and help desk.

Logistex have over 30 years’ experience providing maintenance and service support to mission critical MHE systems. Our ESS services are built on that experience and we make these services available to all clients irrespective of the manufacturer of the equipment they have.

ESS services are flexible and scalable from us deploying an on-site maintenance team to us providing support on a field service visiting basis.

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How Logistex can help

Field Service Support (FSS)

Logistex provide maintenance and support to your site or sites on a visiting basis.  With our regionally based engineers we provide a local or national service for single or multiple sites. We provide maintenance services and callout 24 hours a day.  A range of contract types are available such as parts inclusive or out of hours servicing. More details. 

On-site Engineering Facilities Management (EFM)

While many companies use their own maintenance staff to carry out work, an increasing number opt for the advantages of having a dedicated Logistex on-site service team able to respond immediately to any event, as well as covering routine maintenance and safety checks.

Long-standing clients such as United Biscuits, Wolseley, B&Q, Wincanton and the MOD who continue to hold long-term service contracts bear witness to our skills and commitment to ensuring clients achieve maximum uptime and cost effectiveness from their systems.

Logistex have provided on-site engineering expertise for over 25 years for complex and not so complex warehouse automation systems.

Several established clients are now benefiting further from the range of complementary skills in our on-site armoury including electrical, mechanical, electronic and hydraulic expertise. As well as looking after existing Logistex systems, we have extended our service and engineering support to include all materials handling equipment and other associated engineering facilities. Our Engineering Facilities Management Service (EFM) provides strategic support to warehouse automation that improves the maintenance performance so delivering cost savings that enhance the overall business bottom line. More details.

Hotline: 24/7, 365 day support

The Logistex Hotline provides 24 x 7 x 365 support for the Logistex Warehouse System (LWS) and its associated controls (PLC) software, as well as computer hardware and network infrastructure. More Details.

Original Equipment Manufacturers Support

If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer and you require support for your equipment in the UK then we can help. More Details.

Modernisations, Refurbishments and Upgrades

Logistex are very experienced in providing modernisations, refurbishment or upgrades of a wide range of Material Handling Equipment including cranes, conveyors and mini-loads, in order to help you avoid automation obsolescence. More details.

Specialising in automation maintenance, servicing, refurbishment and upgrades, these services are available on their own or as a combination to suit your needs.


As part of our service, we can supply spare parts for supported materials handling equipment. Our Spares Department can be contacted on:

Telephone: 01536 480728Email:


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