Warehouses must be flexible to prosper in the future

Warehouses will have to remain flexible and use their space wisely in order to prosper in the future. 

That’s according to a report from warehousenews.co.uk, which explained that the ‘unprecedented changes’ that are bound to happen over the next few years will hit warehouses hard – unless they evolve as Britain’s online shopping habits do.

This will require complete flexibility and ‘effective use’ of any storage space, the site suggested. This flexibility may encompass anything from embracing intelligent warehouse automation systems, to setting up localised distribution sites, it added.

‘Home delivery, currently boosted by online shopping, is already a huge factor in the changing face of order picking and as we know has killed off many of the retail dinosaurs that stalked our high streets,’ the site revealed.

‘This may not mean that the number of orders and order lines picked up in the average warehouse will increase significantly over the next few years, but what’s certain is that the warehouse must be able to support both case picking and item picking,’ it continued. ‘So automated solutions need to be designed to cater for this requirement as a matter of urgency.’

The advice is particularly pertinent given that two-thirds of Britons will head online to find the best price for a product, bbc.co.uk reports, even though many of us like to ‘touch’ a product before buying it. As online shopping grows ever more popular, it seems warehouses will need to up their game to beat the competition.