UKWA outlines its preferred outcome of Brexit

The United Kingdom Warehousing Association has presented a pre-Brexit positioning paper on behalf of the logistics industry for HMRC. Outlining its requirements of Brexit, UKWA says: “We would like to see the UK retain the same access to the single market and the European Customs Union that it currently enjoys, including access to community systems such as EMCS, Union Transit, Eurostat, etc. If this is not possible and the UK has to take an alternative path, the UK should look to become a champion of free trade and work towards a reduction of non-tariff barriers, both here and abroad.

“As an absolute minimum, systems need to be in place before the moment we formally leave the European Union to ensure that trade can continue without undue obstacles. These systems need to be clear, robust and well-understood. We accept that such systems may represent a transitional phase and again the length and scope of this needs to be clear.

“Industry must be consulted and forewarned of any changes to trading arrangements as far in advance as possible to enable businesses to make relevant changes to allow trade to continue.”

According to Peter Ward, CEO of UKWA, as well as presenting significant risks to UKWA members, Brexit will also give rise to significant opportunities for simplifications on import procedures and the opening of new markets for export.

Download the UKWA Positioning Paper here.