UK ecommerce sector tipped to reach £88 billion by 2016

Britain’s ecommerce sector is all set for three years of growth, with its total worth expected to hit around $133 billion – or £88 billion – by 2016.

New estimates from eMarketer have online sales increasing 17 per cent to reach $1.2 trillion worldwide this year (£788 billion), led by growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

The UK is expected to contribute hugely to this amount, with eMarketer predicting sales in 2013 to reach $99 billion (£65 billion) – an increase on the $87 billion (£57 billion) from last year.

According to readings cited by, this will be followed by sales of $111 billion (£73 billion) in 2014 and $122 billion (£80 billion) in 2015 before growing even further in 2016 and beyond.

Emarketer’s review of the UK business-to-consumer ecommerce sector could be welcomed by many users of warehouse management systems, as their automated approach to stock management will see them well placed as order numbers rise. points out that Britain won’t be the only nation that embraces online shopping over the coming years. China alone will boast 269.4 million digital buyers this year – becoming the biggest shopping market in the world – while the US places second with 155.7 million online shoppers.

The study also claims there is significant room for growth in developing markets where many internet users are still not buying online.

“Western Europe and North America are the only regions in the world where a majority of the online population is also a digital buyer,” it adds.