Report published into warehouse management systems

In anticipation of the sector’s predicted future growth, a new Global Warehouse Management System report has been compiled and made available via an online research and markets site, writes.     

An area which is expected to see a compound annual growth rate of 16.5 per cent over the next three years, warehouse management systems (WMS) are big business. Recent surveys have found that retailers will require increasing warehouse space in order to fulfil the increasing amount of online orders.

However, to do so effectively and to grow sufficiently, one of the sector’s biggest concerns relates to ‘the need for companies to reduce their overall cost’, writes  

Published by Infinity Research Ltd, the ‘Global Warehouse Management System Market 2012-16’ report discusses issues, trends, challenges and opportunities – from cost to implementation.

The undisclosed findings have been based on in-depth analyses of the current market, interviews, surveys and expert opinion, to provide a full picture of WMS now and into the future. This includes the emergence of Software as a Service solutions, growth prospects and buying criteria.

The report overs global demand, splitting research into Asia, the Americas and the EMEA regions. In particular, the report seeks to answer commonly asked questions regarding, among others, key market drivers.

The report is available through online research store, Research and Markets.