New lorry designs could save fuel and lives

Proposals for new lorry designs could help save fuel and reduce accidents, according to

Currently, rules state that a lorry can only have a maximum combination length of 18.75 metres, however new proposals to change the Weight and Dimensions Directive (created by the European Commission) would increase this length. They would also allow truck designers to produce vehicles with a curvier shape, as well as add aerodynamic flaps.

It is claimed that these changes may help hauliers use less fuel, with the European Commission calculating that fuel economy should improve by around 10 per cent. This will be good news for those running warehouse management systems, as the new designs might help to reduce costs of transportation.

The Commission also said that road causalities might be reduced by 10 per cent. This could result in 300 – 500 lives being saved each year, as drivers would have improved fields of vision from cabins.

Talking about the new legislation, EU transport commissioner Siim Kallas told “These changes make road transport cleaner and safer. They will reduce hauliers’ fuel bills and give European manufacturers a head-start in designing the truck of the future, a greener truck for the global market.”

It is thought that the new legislation could be brought in within the next few years.