New group set up to drive growth into Sheffield’s logistics offering

A new logistics group has been set up to drive even more jobs and growth into Sheffield’s flourishing logistics sector, reports

The Logistics Sector Group will now act as an official advisor to the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to ensure that companies based in the steel city are given all the support they need to realise their immense potential.

At present, the logistics sector contributes £930 million to the economy and employs 31,000 people in Sheffield. Businesses in the region are expected to welcome a huge amount of growth over the coming months, and the new sector group should help them achieve some of their more ambitious goals.   

From this point, warehouse management systems could be used to help the companies cope with the increase in business.  

Chaired by Steve Gill, managing director at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, the group will carry real influence over decisions that drive economic growth in Sheffield’s logistics sector.

The panel of experts will also be tasked with developing membership, creating a strategy for the region’s logistics offering and feeding into the LEP’s plan for growth.  

One of their first roles will be to input into the growth plan whilst discussing issues surrounding their own sector. 

Speaking straight after the launch of the Logistics Sector Group, Mr Gill told “We chose to launch the group to ensure that logistics as a sector is properly represented and has a voice within the LEP.

“The feedback at the launch was incredibly positive and we have already had a number of businesses show an interest in becoming a member of the group – which is fantastic news.”