Luxury retailers still going strong, despite negative forecasts

Retailers offering luxury goods are experiencing a steady level of sales, despite previous predictions that it would suffer amidst worldwide economic instability.

That’s according to, which revealed that sales of items like jewellery, watches and high-end handbags have stayed strong in recent months. In fact the value of the luxury retail market as a whole stands ahead of pre-recession levels, confirmed – quite a feat for retailers of any kind.

Luxury customers are becoming more flexible in their buying habits, too, the report suggested. Whilst some might peruse items in-store then buy online, others are doing the opposite – meaning there’s still strong demand for retail distribution centres and, potentially, reliable warehouse management systems.

Whatever the pattern of their customers though, luxury retailers must ensure they create a collaborative experience across both their physical and online stores. Brand strategy expert Anastasia Jourovskaia revealed that bricks-and-mortar stores must not be treated as separate entities from web-based stories.

“You have to create a consistent brand experience however and wherever a customer touches your brand, online or offline,” she explained. “The lines are forever blurred.”

Currently, 10 per cent of all retail sales made via the internet in both the US and the UK are for luxury items; a figure that will likely continue growing, if these latest results are anything to go by.