Fast logistics for fast fashion

HSS editor Simon Duddy met distribution centre manager Allan More at QUIZ Clothing’s distribution centre in Bellshill, Scotland, where he heard about how Logistex helped QUIZ to implement a leading edge approach to logistics.

““Logistex had worked with other fast fashion groups and had knowledge of how we wanted to operate. Its WMS system was tailor-made for what we wanted to achieve. It is very important to state that we weren’t led by the system, it was vital that technology and equipment would adapt to our model. We demand flexibility from all our solutions partners and Logistex was very forthcoming on that.”

“With Logistex, we created a solution so this warehouse could handle all processes all the time. We could move labour around and carry out processes simultaneously. That was one of the key drivers – we need to be able to fulfil every channel as demand requires.”

Discussions also turned to handling complexity, how QUIZ manages peak periods, and what the future holds for the fast fashion retailer.

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