Class of 2017

Congratulations to Tony Gruber, Head of Systems at Logistex, on the successful completion of his MBA with the Open University.

With the OU the emphasis is on applying theoretical concepts to real world applications, so it is very relevant for a practising manager.

Tony says; “I have not only learned a lot of techniques and tools to allow me to make sense of a situation, I have changed the way I approach a situation. As a result of studying the MBA I am more reflective, and less likely to react to perceptions. I seek evidence of an issue, and recognise that my perspective may be different to other people’s perspectives. That makes me more likely to involve other people in understanding what the issue is, and the best way to resolve it. This allows me to make better decisions, and provides better outcomes for the business.”

graduation cap

Congratulations also to Justin Saw, Sales Director at Logistex, who has just completed a Professional Certificate in Management with the Open University, which involved 3 core modules: Marketing and Finance, Organisations and People, and Integration Challenge. Justin says; “The course challenged me to develop managerial abilities and understanding. With each module I was able to discuss and learn from others’ experiences as well as achieving a greater knowledge on aspects of management, The course enabled a practice based approach to studying managerial concepts and encouraged me to focus on my own role.  Of particular interest to me was understanding the range of tools and techniques which can be applied to solving a problem. Equally the need to be able to work as a team, and ensure your colleagues on the course were maintaining agreed timescales was always interesting!  The course culminated with an exam which provided the opportunity to demonstrate key learnings.”

We are looking forward to seeing the positive benefits of Tony’s and Justin’s new skills and insights both within the business and for our customers.