Britvic automates Leeds warehouse

Logistex has designed and installed an automated warehouse system for leading soft drinks supplier, Britvic. With the introduction of new production lines at their site in Leeds, Britvic had identified an increase in fork lift truck movements and the need for a significant uplift in capacity and throughput. To meet the demands of the new production equipment, reduce manual movement of stock and maintain a safe operation, the decision was taken to automate the pallet warehouse on site.

Logistex worked closely with Britvic to design a new solution which sees the previously manual fork truck operated system converted to a fully automated pallet shuttle solution. The Automha pallet shuttle, integrated into the solution by Logistex, uses capacitors rather than batteries for power so there is no need for prolonged charging periods. Also, because the shuttles are lighter than an automated storage and retrieval system, they use less power per move.

The system is controlled by Logistex’s own warehouse control software, LWS Reflex, which manages the pallet inventory into and out of the automated store.

The new system will optimise use of space, increase throughput, reduce truck movements and consequently improve health and safety.

Logistex’s Business Development Director Derek Kay said “Britvic have demonstrated their forward thinking and commitment to Health and Safety by adopting the automated pallet shuttle solution and we look forward to continuing to work together for many years in the future.”