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Did you know that as well as controlling all types of automation, Logistex’s LWS Reflex WMS also provides Voice picking capability?

With major retailers and smaller businesses alike turning to Voice Picking for their warehouse operations, WMS suppliers are making sure that they can offer this technology to ensure they can meet customers’ requirements.

Logistex’s LWS Reflex is a future proof Warehouse Management System suitable for SME’s with a manual warehouse operation and also Blue Chip Organisations with large fully automated distribution centres.

Alongside many other RDT technologies, Logistex also offers Voice Picking as a solution for your warehouse operation which is controlled by the innovative LWS Reflex WMS.
What is Voice? Voice Picking, also called voice directed warehousing, is a technology which involves the use of voice direction and speech recognition. In a voice directed warehouse, pickers wear a headset which is connected to a small computer (usually belt or wrist mounted) which give the picker commands and locations to follow in order to complete their picks. The picker then uses their voice to confirm picks, the computer understand their response and will then move them onto the next pick.

Benefits from Voice Picking include improved productivity, as the picker can spend less time ‘pressing buttons’ on a HHT and simply use speech to make commands. Voice Picking can also improve accuracy as pickers do not have any distractions from paper lists or HHTs.

If you think that this is something that your warehouse operation could benefit from, then get in contact by emailing as at or call us on 01536 480600.

Where can you find Logistex over the coming months?

Over the next couple of months Logistex will be attending various shows and exhibitions. This is what the calendar looks like:

Supply Chain Logistics Event

11th & 12th February 2014

Selsdon Park Hotel, London


If you would like to see us here then book your place now at

Southern Manufacturing Show

12th & 13th February 2014

FIVE, Farnborough

Southern Manufacturing Logo

The UK’s LARGEST regional manufacturing technology, electronics and subcontracting exhibition.

  • Thousands of engineering & electronics solutions on your doorstep
  • Full Programme of FREE technical seminars supported by SMS, MAS-SE, Engineering Solutions and Electronics Sourcing.

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Internet Retailing Expo

26th & 27th March 2014

NEC, Birmingham


IRX is aimed at the progressive retail business industry and is changing the landscape of how you, the retailer, interacts with the consumer through the multichannel shopping experience.

IRX is rich in relevant content, sourcing and fact-finding intelligence providing and experienced for you that is profitable, enjoyable and a valuable day out in the office.

In order to help plan your day so it is the most worthwhile time out of the office for you we have put together suggestions of what you might like to see based on your requirements.

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