Pharmacy2U and Logistex Win Top Prize at The Logistics Awards!

We’re thrilled that Pharmacy2U and Logistex won not one, but two awards last night at the prestigious Logistics Awards. Pharmacy2U and Logistex scooped up trophies for best ‘New Facility’ and ‘Overall Winner’ for the night. A huge congratulations to the whole team who made this groundbreaking new facility possible. You can watch a video of the evening and see the team collecting their awards here. 

You can also see a video of Pharmacy2U’s dispensing and warehouse system in action here.

Justin Saw (Logistex) and Naila Dad (Pharmacy2U) with the New Facility award

Justin Saw (Logistex) and Naila Dad (Pharmacy2U) with the New Facility award

The Golden Quarter

Darren Alden, General Manager – Engineering Support Services at Logistex, discusses the challenges of preparing for peak…

The Golden quarter, also known as ‘Peak’ is for many retailers the most important and most challenging time of the year. Many spend the first 9 months of the year just building up and preparing for this period.

So why is it such a challenge?

Stock holding

The aim of the game is to sell as many items of stock as possible, but of course when you have a sudden spike for demand, you have to ensure you have the right stock with the right sizes and colours available when the demand hits, otherwise you will be letting your customers down at a critical time which they unfortunately do not forget!

What does this actually mean? Well, for example, an average retailer’s distribution centre may hold around 5 million ‘items’ of stock on any normal day. Given that they may roughly require a further 40% stock holding for the peak period alone, they have to find space and process for a further 2 million items!


Given the above, you then need to be able to increase your staff holding by a similar % in a short space of time. Imagine taking on a few hundred extra staff that all need an induction and training on process, not just for the normal operating way but for peak challenging ways!


To be able to cope with the ever growing demand on retailers, following the expectations of us the consumers wanting their items straight away, Automation is pretty much a necessity. But, if there is ever a time that equipment failure hurts you the most, it has to be peak! Potentially thousands of customer orders, and hundreds of staff stood around waiting for the magic green button to be pushed again to get the system back running following Engineer’s resolution.

It’s so critical that all equipment is in its prime condition ready to cope with the demands put on it through this period. Servicing and repairs, although they may cause inconvenience during other times, it’s certainly the better trade off than unexpected down time during the busiest time of the year!


All eyes on you! Imagine the occurrence of a site stood still due to an unexpected breakdown, hundreds of eyes watching and an ever growing number of managers stood over your shoulder asking how long?!

This is a time when all that experience pays off, you have to be calm, be able to communicate under pressure whilst trying to solve the issue at hand.

A lot of the time Engineering is seen as the necessary evil, but they generally can be the unsung heroes!


If the stock holding is correct, you have the right resource in place and the Automation runs as you would hope, operations still have to conduct small miracles every day throughout and leading up to this quarter to ensure the customers’ needs are met.

I’ve only given rough estimates of figures during this blog down to my own experiences, but to finalise….

We wouldn’t have it any other way! The golden quarter, although the most challenging time for retailers, let’s not forget how magical a time it is!

So my final points would be to stock up, resource up and look after your assets, then enjoy the ride and take satisfaction in knowing you have delivered millions of smiles on Christmas day!!!

Darren Alden


Tajal Katargamwala promoted to Product Development Manager

Congratulations to Tajal Katargamwala who has been appointed as Product Development Manager for LWS Reflex WMS. Tajal has extensive industry knowledge, and a wealth of experience in delivering successful WMS projects both with her previous employer and Logistex in diverse locations such as Singapore, Stockholm, London, Glasgow and Belfast.  This experience will allow Tajal to focus the development of the core product to provide additional standard functionality and ensure it is accessed via an efficient, user friendly interface. Providing additional standard features allows customers the option to reduce the cost and duration of project implementations by removing the need for bespoke software development.

Class of 2017

Congratulations to Tony Gruber, Head of Systems at Logistex, on the successful completion of his MBA with the Open University.

With the OU the emphasis is on applying theoretical concepts to real world applications, so it is very relevant for a practising manager.

Tony says; “I have not only learned a lot of techniques and tools to allow me to make sense of a situation, I have changed the way I approach a situation. As a result of studying the MBA I am more reflective, and less likely to react to perceptions. I seek evidence of an issue, and recognise that my perspective may be different to other people’s perspectives. That makes me more likely to involve other people in understanding what the issue is, and the best way to resolve it. This allows me to make better decisions, and provides better outcomes for the business.”

graduation cap

Congratulations also to Justin Saw, Sales Director at Logistex, who has just completed a Professional Certificate in Management with the Open University, which involved 3 core modules: Marketing and Finance, Organisations and People, and Integration Challenge. Justin says; “The course challenged me to develop managerial abilities and understanding. With each module I was able to discuss and learn from others’ experiences as well as achieving a greater knowledge on aspects of management, The course enabled a practice based approach to studying managerial concepts and encouraged me to focus on my own role.  Of particular interest to me was understanding the range of tools and techniques which can be applied to solving a problem. Equally the need to be able to work as a team, and ensure your colleagues on the course were maintaining agreed timescales was always interesting!  The course culminated with an exam which provided the opportunity to demonstrate key learnings.”

We are looking forward to seeing the positive benefits of Tony’s and Justin’s new skills and insights both within the business and for our customers.

B&Q team to race in BlueBell Wood Soapbox Derby

They’re at it again! Coming joint fourth in last year’s Bluebell Wood Soap Box Derby, the B&Q team are back to see if they can top the table at this year’s event. Led by Logistex’s Roberto Maccio, the B&Q team will be made up of Nathan, Sam, Chris and Ben, racing in a Soapbox based on the Lego Racer Car.

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice offers care and support to children with a shortened life expectancy, both in their own homes and at the hospice in North Anston.

The event will take place at Clifton Park, Rotherham on 30th September. Entrants must build their own wacky racer to take on the twists, turns and jumps of the 500 metre downhill course.

Roberto says; “Our design this year will be lower, faster, lighter, and the winner. It’s an excellent day out and more than anything it’s all for such a worthwhile cause.”

We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

The B&Q team with the soapbox from the 2016 event

A few snaps of the team from the 2016 event


Logistex Fun Run 2017

On Thursday 20th July, Logistex employees, friends and family gathered together for the 6th Logistex Fun Run. The theme for this year was ‘cartoon villains.’ Participants ran, walked and ambled around the 4 mile circular route, ending up at the pub for some well-deserved grub. The event raised a magnificent £421 (and counting..!) for the Stroke Association.

Participants at the fun run Participants at the fun run









Congratulations to the winners of the Logistex Fun Run Awards 2017:

Category Winner
Super-human endeavour (i.e. fastest) Toby All the Gear Young
First past the post Toby All the Gear Young
Second past the post Alex Limbered Up Beale
Last past the post Godfrey Just Taking my Time Douglin
Fastest junior Rob Trump-a-lot O’Donnell
Fastest Female Nicole Batgirl Bennett
Fresh as a Daisy Sue Wasn’t She Once in Dallas Allen
Running to Point of Exhaustion Rob Trump-a-lot O’ Donnell
Best costume Adam Should Have Gone to Specsavers Allwood
Costume with highest drag factor Adam Should Have Gone to Specsavers Allwood
Most fluorescent Tony 20000 Lumens Gruber
Taking it too seriously Alex Limbered Up Beale & Toby All the Gear Young – pre run stretches
Lady with time on her hands Lisa Always On Time Shaw
Reddest Face Jeff Nine Legs Willis
Most nervous Rob Trump-a-lot O’ Donnell (pre-run last minute wee)

Logistex welcomes back Darren Alden as General Manager – Engineering Support Services

Darren Alden has re-joined Logistex as General Manager – Engineering Support Services to support the growth of our business. Previously at Logistex Darren was responsible for our residential sites before leaving to join Marks and Spencer to head up their engineering maintenance operation at one of their major sites. Darren was keen to return to Logistex and will bring back with him many new skills and insights gained whilst he was away.

Read more here.

Darren Alden

HSS Magazine gets a tour of QUIZ Clothing’s Bellshill distribution centre

HSS editor Simon Duddy took a trip up to the QUIZ distribution centre in Bellshill, Scotland, where he met with Distribution Centre Manager Allan More to talk about how Logistex helped QUIZ to implement a leading edge approach to logistics.

“Logistex had worked with other fast fashion groups and had knowledge of how we wanted to operate. Its WMS system was tailor-made for what we wanted to achieve. It is very important to state that we weren’t led by the system, it was vital that the technology and equipment would adapt to our model. We demand flexibility from all our solutions partners and Logistex was very forthcoming on that.

With Logistex, we created a solution so this warehouse could handle all processes all the time. We could move labour around and carry out processes simultaneously. That was one of the key drivers – we need to be able to fulfil every channel as demand requires.”

Read the full article on the Handling and Storage Solutions website.

QUIZ warehouse